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Cornea Ink Quiz QuestionWelcome to QuizTeq, a set of fresh ideas on how to create, answer and grade quiz and homework questions. Let us introduce you to the three basic parts of QuizTeq and show you our unique approach.

  • Create a question in new and different ways
  • Answer a question by drawing, dragging and typing
  • Grade many student answers at once followed by automatic grading of all similar answers.

Create a quiz

A QuizTeq quiz consists of a list of questions. Creating a QuizTeq question has three easy steps.

  • Pose your problem with a picture that you create or import from elsewhere.
  • Add your question
  • Add one or more interactive tools that students will use to answer your question.

We would love to show you how easy it is to create one of our questions.

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Answer a quiz

Students answer questions in one of three ways: drawing, dragging or typing. This allows for a more open-ended style of answer than multiple choice or true-false. However, we can’t do essay questions or arbitrary diagrams. We have sought a sweet spot where we have algorithms for automatic grading but more flexibility than multiple choice.

Please browse our gallery of question styles and subject examples for inspiration for how you could use QuizTeq.

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Grade a quiz

The QuizTeq approach to grading is to present you with up to 100 student answers simultaneously. You will readily see clusters of student answers. You grade an answer specifying a “rule” that selects all of the answers in a cluster. A grading rule is associated with feedback that tells the student whatever you want about their answer and assigns points.

Grading Heart Ink Quiz Question

Being able to assign feedback to many answers at a time greatly reduces your grading time and makes your grading more consistent. Better still, we take your grading “rule” and apply it to all of the ungraded student answers that you have not seen. This automatically grades even more answers without you having to look at them.


How to grade quiz questions (5:03)


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SEE: QuickStart for Teachers