Learn QuizTeq

There are two main components to QuizTeq: management of sites, courses and sections and the management of topics and questions

Management of Sites, Departments, Courses and Sections

A Site corresponds to your academic institution. As a teacher you generally do not create sites. Similarly departments correspond to your academic department. If you are the first adopter in your institution or department to use QuizTeq, please contact us using the form below we will get you set up. You will not need any special contracts or clearances from your university. We will take care of all that.

QuizTeq is designed to mirror the structure of a normal collage or university. Within departments there are courses and for each course there are one or more sections. Topics and questions can be specified in a course and then imported as desired into each section of that course. Sections are where instruction actually occurs.

Students register for sections and it is through sections that they access the quiz materials.

Management of Topics and Questions

Every course and section has a topic outline. These are the topics that are to be taught in the course. Teachers of a specific section can add their own topics to the outline and can add their own questions.

Each topic can have one or more questions that assess student knowledge of that topic. As an instructor or course creator you can add as many questions to a topic as you desire. Each topic can be offered to students as a quiz. Every topic goes through the following workflow states:

  • Editing – this is where a teacher creates, organizes and edits questions to be offered to students.
  • Scheduled – a teacher has scheduled at topic as a quiz. At this point the questions can no longer be edited without going back to the editing state. When a quiz is scheduled it should be given a start date/time and an end date/time. Scheduled quizzes are visible to the students but they cannot look at the questions or answer any of the questions.
  • Taking – when the start date/time on a scheduled quiz is passed the quiz automatically moves to the Taking state. In this state the quiz appears on the student’s list of quizzes. Students can now open the quiz and start answering the questions.
  • Grading – when the end date/time is passed the quiz moves into the Grading state. The instructor can now grade the student’s answers.
  • View – when the teacher has completed grading all of the student’s answers they can indicate that the grades are done and the students can view their grades and the feedback that has been assigned for their answers.