Automatic Grading in QuizTeq is Easy and Fast

Grading Burden removed by Automatic GradingQuizTeq provides new tools for fast, easy, automatic grading of student work. Grading is one of the most tedious, time consuming repetitive tasks that a teacher must do.

QuizTeq allows teachers to create some very different problem styles. These require a new approach for grading those questions. The problem styles that QuizTeq uses were specifically chosen for automatic grading.

The automatic grading tradeoff

Automatic Grading Tradeoff

To really evaluate student learning and exercise their knowledge, projects and essays are best. These are open-ended problems that can really explore the topic being taught. Unfortunately they take forever to grade. This burden is assigned to teaching assistants the grading quality becomes very uneven.

Multiple choice questions are trivial for computers to grade. Thousands of student answers are automatically graded in a fraction of a second. Multiple choice questions are used for making admission decisions or assigning grades but they are rather poor at assessing learning.

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QuizTeq questions are in a sweet spot somewhere between these two choices. Open-ended questions allow teachers to see the various misunderstandings that students might have. What makes QuizTeq different is that these rich problem styles are automatically graded.

How automatic grading is done

The automatic grading techniques are somewhat specialized for each style of problem. There are some general principles.

  • Grading is done by attaching feedback to student answers. This feedback can take a variety of forms. Teachers can also come back later and improve the feedback on common errors so as to help students learn faster.
  • Show the teacher as many student answers simultaneously as possible. By showing the teacher many answers at once many student answers are graded with a few inputs. This also allows the teacher to see the variation of student answers in a single view. This gives the teacher a very quick sense of what the students are getting wrong that needs to be corrected.
  • Grade rules grade as yet unseen student answers. This use of grade rules processes 100’s to 1000’s of student answers  without review by the teacher.

The following video demonstrates QuizTeq’s grading tools.

How to grade quiz questions (5:03)