Problem Styles

Visual, interactive problems that are easy to grade

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Digital inkDigital Ink - Heart

Students answer questions by drawing with digital ink. It is very direct and interactively simple. Creating such a question consists of drawing or capturing an image, adding a problem text and specifying the color and style of the digital ink.

Such questions are graded using a simple visual tool that presents and grades many student answers simultaneously so that the instructor can see the diversity of student answers.

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Drag and DropDrag and Drop - Revolution

Students answer questions by dragging placing visual objects. Grading is done by the location of the objects. It helps if the problem provides a context (map, sentence, graph, etc.) in which to place their objects so that student answers will have consistent locations.

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Typing in ContextMagellanType in

Students answer by typing should text. The type in spaces are in the context of the problem making them easier to understand.

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