QuickStart for Teachers

If you are setting up a new section using QuizTeq, here are some key ideas that will help you have a successful class.

You can follow through this page to create a new course step by step or use the links above to jump immediately to the information you need.

Learn what QuizTeq does

QuizTeq takes a new approach to the grading of quizzes and it is helpful to first get a basic understanding of what QuizTeq does. The following links may be helpful to fill in any gaps that you may have.

QuizTeq overview video

Answering QuizTeq questions (student answers)

Get an account for yourself

Before you can do anything, you need to go to the QuizTeq application and create an account for yourself. QuizTeq is organized into “sites”. In general each site corresponds to a particular institution or university. If your institution has a site, you will ultimately want to use that to create your course. Each such site has its own set of user accounts. If your institution has not created a site, you can use the open QuizTeq site. This has all the same capabilities but is not as closely connected to your institution’s systems.

Initially you will want to create an account for yourself on one of the trial sites described below. These will provide you with a sandbox where you can explore what QuizTeq can do for you.

Follow this to log into the QuizTeq application

Use TryAsTeacher site

Before creating your first course, we really recommend that you use our TryAsTeacher site. This is a special sandbox site that is designed for you to experiment with creating and grading questions. Your account on this site is the same as your account on the QuizTeq site but is not the same as your institution account.

In the TryAsTeacher site, only you can see the courses and sections that you create. This allows you to experiment freely. Don’t worry about making a mess, we periodically sweep this site and discard anything that has not been used is several months. Feel free to mess it up and try it out.

In addition to providing a place to try new courses and question, we automatically generate 9 artificial students for you. The system will show you their usernames. These fake students have the same password as you do. Once you have created and scheduled a trial quiz, you can log in as one of these students and take the quiz that you have just created. We have provided you with 9 students so that you can create a variety of answers and then try grading them. This allows to you experiment with the full QuizTeq workflow without messing up anything important. These fake student accounts are the only other accounts that can see your trial explorations.

With the exception of the limited visibility and artificial students the TryAsTeacher site has all of the QuizTeq capabilities and looks exactly the same as the full system.

Create new course/section

QuizTeq’s facilities are organized around courses and sections. We recommend that you create course names and numbers that are close to the way your students would see them in your institution’s materials. Within a course you can create as many sections as you want. To not confuse your students this should mirror your institution. However, to ensure that sections are unique, the one’s you create are directly associated with you. The following video will show you how to create courses and sections.

Build a topic outline

The materials in your section are arranged in a topic outline. Many teachers find it easiest to start with the table of contents of their textbook. Another approach is to use your syllabus outline. You can actually arrange the topics any way you like. The topic outline is what the students will see as the primary organization of the course. A little thought here can go a long ways in clarifying things for your students.

Add questions to topics

Any topic in the topic outline can be converted into a quiz simply by adding questions to the topic. The following video gives a quick introduction into how to add questions.

The following link provides a more detailed discussion of how to edit questions and the various kinds of questions that are possible.

SEE: Creating new quiz questions

Schedule topics as quizzes

Students will not be able to answer the questions in your quiz until after you schedule the quiz and make it available to the students. The start and end times for a quiz will control the state of the quiz and what you and the students can do with the quiz at a particular time. The following video will show you how to schedule a quiz.

Link to QuizTeq from your webpage or LMS

You want to make it easy for your students to find your course. You can provide them with the general


Or you can navigate to the login page and select the site where you have created your section and then copy the URL from your browser. For the QuizTeq general site this would have the form:


For other sites, the “QuizTeq” part will be replaced with your site name.

Grade your quizzes

In the quiz scheduling video we showed you how to control when a student can take your quiz and when you can start grading it. When the current time is after the end time for the quiz, the quiz will automatically switch to the grading state as shown by the blue arrow below. In the grading state, you can select a question and click the grade question button shown in the red circle.

For more detailed examples on how questions are graded, follow this link to a video tutorial on the subject.

SEE: Grading QuizTeq questions